How to insert a prostate massager?
How to insert a prostate massager?

How to insert a prostate massager?

Prostate massage is a highly popular aspect of sexuality for many men. Regardless of your experience with using a prostate massager, whether it’s the desire to introduce a toy into what was previously done manually, or if you are a novice exploring your ideas about taboos, this unbiased informational resource is open to you. Welcome!

We have a wealth of knowledge to share about these toys and the methods associated with prostate massage. However, before we delve into the section dedicated to usage instructions, let’s start with the obvious question: What is a prostate massager?

What is a prostate massager?

What is a prostate massager

First and foremost, a prostate massager is a specialized device designed to achieve prostate orgasms. These innovative devices often possess the following characteristics:

  • Electronic Components: Prostate massagers are equipped with electronic components, adding a level of comfort and controllability during use.
  • Curved Shapes: Their curved shape is naturally directed towards the prostate, providing the opportunity for gentle strokes, subtle thrusts, or vibrations, eliciting unique sensations.

It is believed that orgasms achieved through prostate stimulation are more intense compared to those induced by stimulation of the penis. This is attributed to the activation of a greater number of muscles during a prostatic orgasm – a total of 12 muscles, as opposed to the 4 or so involved in a regular orgasm.

Stimulation preferences vary for each individual. However, similar to masturbation, with time, the use of lubrication, and selecting a device of appropriate size, you can attain optimal satisfaction (more detailed recommendations will be discussed later).

Prostate massagers are aimed at the so-called “male G-spot” or “P-spot” for your maximum pleasure. Despite the lack of scientific confirmation for the idea of the P-spot, those who have dared to stimulate their prostate (or allowed someone else to do so) would agree that scientific validation is unnecessary – the prostate massager performs its task excellently!

How to Properly Use a Prostate Massager

How to Properly Use a Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is part of an extensive range of sex toys designed specifically for prostate massage and additional stimulation of your sexual activity.

The distinction between a prostate stimulator and an anal plug lies in the fact that the latter can provide pleasure within the context of a sexual experience but does not impact the prostate.

For a safe and comfortable introduction of these devices, it is crucial to take your time. Therefore, we recommend you refer to our compiled guide explaining how to do it correctly for the first (and subsequent) times:

  • Start Slowly with Lubrication: Allow your muscles to relax by starting slowly and using lubrication, avoiding attempts to insert the toy too quickly.
  • Familiarize Yourself with Internal Spaces: Once the massager is inside, the next step is to locate optimal points for stimulation. The prostate, resembling a fleshy bulb, is situated inside the anal canal, behind the bladder. Find this spot.
  • Remember the Differences Between Prostate Massage and Anal Sex: Continue the activity until you reach orgasm, ejaculation, or tantric bliss, being aware that this experience differs from regular anal sex.
  • Conclusion of the Session: After completing the session, thoroughly clean, sterilize, and store the massager in a secure place. In case of damage or signs of wear, replace the device with a new one.

These tools are designed to stimulate the prostate in various ways, often providing multiple vibration modes or the option to manually create internal stimulation. The use of water-based lubricant facilitates insertion and movement.

Questions and Answers:

Yes, many men resort to using prostate massagers without any concerns and, importantly, without explicit side effects.

If you are open to new experiences, it’s time to try prostate massagers. These devices offer numerous opportunities to spice up your intimate contact, providing safe and intriguing means. Dive into a delightful exploration!

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