Best massage parlors San Francisco
Best massage parlors San Francisco

Best massage parlors San Francisco

Massage ParlorPhone NumberBrief Description
Rejuvenate Massage SF+1(415) 606-9177Offers customized, Deep Tissue/Sports, Couple’s, Massage+Cupping, Hot Stone, and Prenatal Massages at 391 Sutter St Ste 800, SF.
Royal Thai Spa+1(415) 500-4321Provides Thai, Herbal, and Hot Stone Massages at 685 N Point St in Russian Hill.
Siam Orchid Traditional Thai Massage+1 415-872-9645Offers Traditional Thai-Massage, Swedish Thai-Massage, and other massage services at 39 Polk St, CA 94102.
Iyara Traditional Thai Massage+1(415) 386-8674Provides Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Heat Herbal Compress Massage, and Thai Aroma Massage at 1711 Haight St, SF.
Oasis Day Spa+1(415) 386-8674Offers services like Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, and Hot Stone Massage at 2501 Clement St, SF.
Bhuddha Raksa Traditional Thai Massage+1-415-449-9666Provides Deep Tissue, Relaxing Swedish, and Warm Stone Massages at 2462 Mission St, SF.
Jan Massage+1415-563-0100Offers Classic Massage Therapy, Foot Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage w/ Cupping at 1610 Post St Ste 103, SF.
Anjalee Thai Massage+1 415-351-1900Provides Traditional Thai Massage, Aroma Oil/Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, and more at 1617 Polk Street, SF.
La Biang Thai Massage+1(415) 931-7692Offers Traditional Thai Massage, Herbal Massage, Aroma Oil Massage, and more at 1301 Polk St, SF.
Jennifer Taylortwitter.comOffers various erotic massage services such as Massage, Nuru, FBSM +, FemDom, and Nuru+ in San Francisco.

In a world of constant hustle and bustle, finding an oasis of calm and relaxation becomes an increasingly important task. In such moments, massage salons become not just a place to unwind, but also a source of physical and mental rejuvenation. We invite you to join us in exploring the world of the best massage salons in San Francisco, where you can discover cozy and professional establishments offering the highest level of service and care for your well-being. Open the doors to a wonderful world of relaxation and tranquility.

Rejuvenate Massage SF

Website Yelp
Phone number +1(415) 606-9177
E-mail [email protected]
Address 391 Sutter St Ste 800 San Francisco, CA 94104
Work schedule Mon-Fri : 10:00am-8:30pm; Sat-Sun: 10:00am-6:30pm

After an exhausting 11-hour journey to San Francisco, my body felt tired and tense; however, thanks to the procedure at this Asian salon, I felt much better. An incredible sense of relief and freshness took over my body and soul. My masseuse turned out to be a true professional. She was not only friendly and sociable but also instantly understood my needs, carefully addressing the areas of tension in my body. Her skilled hands applied pressure perfectly, providing instant relief and relaxation. The room was filled with elegant furniture and delicate decorative elements. Booking the session was also a simple and convenient process, and the hospitable hostess made every effort to ensure my stay was enjoyable and comfortable. However, my friends were a little less fortunate; they were asked to write a positive review in exchange for a $10 discount.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Customized Massage $150
Deep Tissue/Sports $120 240
Couple’s Massage $240
Massage+Cupping $160
Hot Stone $160
Prenatal Massage $120

Royal Thai Spa

Phone number +1(415) 500-4321
E-mail [email protected]
Address 685 N Point St 685 N Point St Russian Hill
Work schedule Mon – Thu : 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Fri – Sun : 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

I really enjoyed the infrared sauna at this spa salon. It was a perfect combination. Everything was clean, and everyone was very friendly. The room was warm. The location was also very convenient. The girls at the front desk start captivating you right from the beginning. While you wait for your therapist, you are treated to aromatic green tea. After the sensual massage began, I enjoyed every moment of my hour and regretted not booking 2 hours. Let’s just say, all the areas that needed attention were addressed. It’s best to book a spot an hour ahead on weekdays. The only thing that bothered me a little was the purple and green bruises around my lower back, but as I was warned, they should go away in a few days.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min)
Thai 109 ph
Herbal massage 129 ph
Hot Stone massage 129 ph

Siam Orchid Traditional Thai Massage

Phone number +1 415-872-9645
E-mail [email protected]
Address 39 Polk St, CA 94102
Work schedule Mon – Sun: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

I have visited this tantra salon multiple times, and each time I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. It’s a true sanctuary for those seeking deep relaxation and spiritual renewal. The staff is attentive, creating an atmosphere of true tranquility and comfort. The therapists are attentive to your needs. My masseur skillfully applied various massage techniques, demonstrating a deep understanding of energy flows and spiritual connection. The atmosphere in the salon is magical in itself: subdued lighting, pleasant scents, and soft music immerse you in a state of deep relaxation. It was surprising, however, when they mentioned that part of the tip goes to the owner and therefore asked for more. This was despite the fact that there was a discount for using cash.

Services Offered and Prices:

ServicePrice (60 min)Price (120 min)
Traditional Thai-Massage$105$190
Swedish Thai-Massage$115$200
Siam Orchid Retreat Massage$130$230
Pra Kob Massage$120$220
Thai Aroma Massage$115$200
Siam Orchid Signature Massage$115$200
Four Hands Massage$195$345
Deep Tissue Massage$130$230
Pregnancy Massage$130$230
Thai Aroma Herbal Massage$130$230
Foot Reflexology Massage$105
Office Syndrome Massage$105

Iyara Traditional Thai Massage

Phone number +1(415) 386-8674
E-mail [email protected]
Address 1711 Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117
Work schedule Mon – Sun: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

My experience at this salon was so enjoyable that I decided to try both Swedish and Thai massages, and both turned out to be excellent. One of the main advantages of this place is its accessibility and convenience. Thanks to its close proximity to my home and the possibility of receiving services without prior appointment, I could enjoy a massage at any time convenient for me. Another important aspect for me was the affordable prices. For various high-quality services, the salon offers very reasonable rates, making it even more attractive to visit. I especially liked the mixed pressure applied during the massage session. The combination of gentle and firm pressure created a perfect balance and provided me with maximum relaxation and relief from muscle tension. However, a minor drawback for me was the masseuse, who turned out to be quite talkative. Her constant chattiness created some discomfort and distracted from fully immersing in the massage process.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Traditional Thai Massage $60 $110 $210
Thai Heat Herbal Compress Massage $120 $230
Thai Aroma Massage $120 $230

Oasis Day Spa

Phone number +1(415) 386-8674
Address 2501 Clement St San Francisco, CA 94121 26th Ave & 27th Ave
Work schedule Mon – Sun: 10:00 AM–8:30 PM

I’m quite selective when it comes to trying out new spa salons, but I decided to give this one a chance after seeing good reviews on Yelp, especially since I was passing by. Firstly, parking was easy, and the earlier you arrive, the better. Upon entering, the reception I received was very pleasant. The quality of the massage was excellent. BoBo did a great job in helping alleviate my back pain and more. It’s always helpful to treat your body to a tune-up once a month, especially if you have a stressful job. They also offer a discount for first-time visitors. I would appreciate it if the tipping policy could be clearly stated in your menu or communicated in advance.

Services Offered 

Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Bhuddha Raksa Traditional Thai Massage

Phone number +1-415-449-9666
E-mail [email protected]
Address 2462 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110 21st St & 20th St Mission
Work schedule Mon – Thu: 11 AM – 9 PM; Fri – sun: 10 AM – 9 PM

Afterward, I was relaxed during the session at this Asian salon; I utilized their holiday promotion for a 120-minute massage, and it was worth every penny. Anya was very meticulous, and the pressure was just right – the massage I received was a blend of deep tissue, hot stone, and Thai massage. However, there was a slight misunderstanding – I had booked online using a discount code, but when I was ready to pay, the receptionist quoted the full price. I had to mention the promotion. It was a minor inconsistency, but perhaps they are running multiple promotional offers simultaneously.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
DEEP TISSUE $129 $250
WARM STONE $129 $230

Jan Massage

Phone number+1415-563-0100
Address1610 Post St Ste 103 San Francisco, CA 94115
Work scheduleMon – Sun: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

I took my sister to this spa salon for her birthday and treated both of us to a 60-minute massage. At first, this place may seem a bit unassuming, but gradually you become enchanted by its charming atmosphere. I must say, 60 minutes is not enough… Next time, I will definitely spend more time. When three staff members came out and assigned me the smallest masseuse, I was a bit disappointed and thought she wouldn’t be up to the task, but as it turned out, Vanessa was amazing. She was like a little spider monkey, crawling up and down, walking up and down my back and legs. It felt so good. She was fantastic. My sister got “Momo,” though she was somewhat taken aback when the masseuse asked her to remove her bra, which is usually allowed if you’re wearing Thai attire.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Classic Massage Therapy $50 $80 $150
Foot Massage $140 $120 $1150
Deep Tissue Massage w/ Cupping $1115 $230
Therapeutic Massage $1150

Anjalee Thai Massage

Phone number +1 415-351-1900
E-mail [email protected]
Address 1617 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109
Work schedule Monday – Sunday: 11am – 7pm

I recently got into a car accident, and my treating physician advised me to undergo therapeutic massage. In addition to regular spa procedures, this spa salon also offers several types of massages. I had issues with my spine, but here, my health was restored. Despite the salon being tucked away between the administrative center and the market, once you step inside, you’ll feel its serene energy. From the decor to the snacks and even the lighting – it’s the atmosphere of a true sanctuary. Great prices, and you can even plan a couple’s massage. However, it’s important to note that if you want a regular massage rather than deep tissue massage, you need to clearly specify and ensure that you are understood because some, out of habit, may not be prepared for strong pressure.

Services Offered and Prices:

ServicePrice (60 min)Price (120 min)
Traditional Thai Massage$90$180
Aroma Oil / Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage$100$190
Pre-Natal Thai Massage$110$200
Thai Foot Reflexology$90
Combination Thai Massage$105$195
Signature Thai Massage$110$200

La Biang Thai Massage

Phone number +1(415) 931-7692
Address 1301 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94109
Work schedule Daily 11:00 – 7:00

I am an athlete and dancer, and for me, this spa center is the best way to recover. When you enter, the reception desk staff always greet you and give you a form to fill out. You mark the parts of your body you want the masseur to work on and indicate the areas you don’t want them to touch. You can also write down if you have any injuries, etc. Then you are offered to change into loose clothing provided in your room. However, you need to be prepared that oil is not included in the massage price, which is not very convenient because I was not aware of this beforehand, and I had to pay more than the stated price for the service.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min) Price (120 min)

Jennifer Taylor

Address San Francisco
Work schedule Monday – Sunday: 10 am- 8 pm

My visit to this erotic salon turned out to be a truly magnificent experience that I will never forget. The masseurs at the salon are very tender. They created such an atmosphere for adult massage that I was able to completely relax and immerse myself in the process. They offered various aromatic oils and music to create the perfect ambiance. My friend received a Nuru massage here and later shared his impressions, saying he immersed himself in an ocean of bliss and harmony. It’s in my plans to bring my girlfriend here for a body to body procedure; she has been wanting it for a long time. Perhaps afterward, we’ll order a happy ending together—I think it will be a magical experience. However, this establishment is not cheap, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Services Offered and Prices:

ServicePrice (60 min)
FBSM +$500.00

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