Best Massage Parlors NYC
Best Massage Parlors NYC

Best Massage Parlors NYC

Massage Parlor Phone Number Brief Description
Cheeva Som Retreat Tel: (713) 527-8003 Offers authentic Asian massage in a Thai-style atmosphere with spacious rooms and Ashiatsu bars.
Blossom Massage Urban Spa Tel: 713-880-1131 Provides sensual massage in a beautifully decorated spa with pool access, though lacks some guidance and amenities.
The Best of Massage Tel: 832-777-1651 Known for excellent customer service and rejuvenating tantra massages, but may charge for masks and lacks ongoing music.
River Oaks Thai Massage Tel: (832) 991-9995 Offers personalized massages with a focus on problem areas and pressure preferences, though only male therapists may be available.
Soul Retreat Spa Tel: (832) 917-6666 Offers rejuvenating massages in a tranquil environment with attentive staff, though language barriers may hinder communication.
Siam Therapeutics Massage Tel: 832-804-9484 Provides Thai massages with ample free parking, pleasant staff, and promotions, though post-massage soreness may occur.
Zalla Massage Tel: 281-974-2823 Known for quick responses, easy online booking, and massages tailored to individual needs, though parking may be tight and prices high.
We Are Thai Massage Tel: (858) 428-9465 Offers specialized massages with caring staff and a focus on effectiveness rather than luxury, suitable for those seeking serious massage therapy.
Triple Tree Center Tel: (281) 568-3300 Provides impeccable service with a focus on individual needs, though parking may be inconvenient and massage duration could vary.
Nava De Massage Tel: 713-497-5882 Known for helpful staff and rejuvenating massages, particularly body to body and erotic massages, though temperature control and noise levels may be issues.

The magnificent massage salons of NYC are oases of luxury and relaxation. Thanks to their exquisite atmosphere, professional masseurs, and a variety of unique procedures, they become a perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of elegance and comfort, exploring the best massage salons that NYC has to offer to its guests and residents. Discover the perfect place to immerse yourself in bliss and enjoy a magnificent massage in the world of entertainment and pleasure.

Cheeva Som Retreat

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 1416 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007, The Heights Tel: (713) 527-8003
Thu: Closed now      
Sun: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM      

The atmosphere inside the salon was ideal for a real Asian massage. The rooms were very spacious, decorated in Thai style, there were also full size beds with Ashiatsu bars on the ceiling to relieve the pressure when the massage therapist starts walking up and down the back to relax the body. The salon uses wonderful aromatic mint oil. Hot towels are also used. The only thing I would point out is that if you are not comfortable being naked in front of your massage therapist, please be aware that at some point during the massage your body may be exposed. If you don’t want this, then don’t take off your underwear.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Traditional Thai $85 $170
Thai Swedish $85 $170
Thai Yoga $85 $85 $170
Couples Massage $170
Thai Deep Tissue $85 $170

Blossom Massage Urban Spa & Retreat

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 1416 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007, The Heights Tel: 713-880-1131
Thu: Closed now      

The spa salon has very thoughtful decor and aesthetics. The masseurs are talented and provide amazing sensual massage. The place smells great, has a cool pool and nicely stocked locker rooms. Overall, a beautiful establishment. One of the minuses I can note is that the girl at the reception did not guide us back, and we got a little lost. At most spas, a hostess will escort you to your designated area to ensure you feel comfortable during your first visit. Additionally, we had to ask for water and my husband had to figure out how to turn on the “heated” pool and hot tub. It was also somewhat disappointing that the music stopped about an hour after we were there.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Spa Massage With Pool Access $150
Signature Therapeutic Massage $115
Advanced Rehabilitative Massage $115
Hemp CBD Massage $135
Prenatal Massage $120
Aromatherapy Massage $150
Hot Stone Massage $150
Couples Massage $260

The Best of Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 3824 Atascocita Rd, Ste 120, Humble, TX 77396, Serving Humble Area Tel: 832-777-1651
Thu/Tue: Closed now      

The customer service here is very kind and the tantra massage was awesome. I’ve had hundreds of massages and this was truly one of the best. They have free water and a very clean and calming environment. I feel so relaxed and detoxified and all my pain seems to have disappeared. The massage therapists also use hot stones, warm blankets, and you will also be surrounded by the amazing fragrant smell of a good lotion. Granted, I didn’t have a mask that I wanted to wear, but this place charges $1 to provide one. Because of this, there was a bit of a conflict situation at first.

Services Offered and Prices:`

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Relaxation Massage $70/$89 $140/$179
Deep Tissue $70/$89 $140/$179
Romantic Couples Massage $180/$228 320/408
Thai/Swedish/Тantra Combo $80/$99/$90 $160/$199/$180
Sports Massage $70/$89 $140/$179
Four Hands $140/$178 $280/$358
Prenatal $70/$89 $140/$179

River Oaks Thai Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – San: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM 1308 W Gray St
Houston, TX 77019
Tel: (832) 991-9995
Thu: Closed now      

My friend and I booked a thai combination massage through a membership for an hour. There is a sign-in sheet on the desk, as well as a separate sign-in sheet if you booked through ClassPass. You are asked beforehand – what problem areas do you want to focus on and what kind of pressure do you prefer?

We were taken to our room immediately after check-in and were able to relax a few minutes before our scheduled time. Very clean and relaxing environment. What was a little disappointing was that when we called ahead we were told that only male massage therapists were available.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Thai Combination Massage $85 $170
Couples Massage $170 $340
CBD Oil Massage $115 $200
Body Scrub With Massage $200
Traditional Thai Massage $85 $170
Deep Tissue Massage $85 $170
Hot Stone Massage $170
Lymphatic Massage $85
Lymphatic Massage $170
Prenatal Massage $85 $170
Thai Foot Reflexology Massage $85 $170
Sport Massage $85 $170
Sinus & Migraine Massage $85 $170
Hands Massage $170 $340
Swedish Massage $85 $170
Cupping Combo Massage $115 $200
Couples Massage+ Complimentary $200 $370
Single Massage +Complimentary $115 $200
Holiday Special 1hrSingle Massage $115 $200
Holiday Special 1hr Couples Massage $200 $370

Soul Retreat Spa

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – San: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 1106 Silber Rd
Ste B
Houston, TX 77055
Spring Branch
Serving Houston Area
Tel: (832) 917-6666
Thu: Closed now      

In this spa salon I felt rejuvenated and completely relaxed. The spa staff greeted me with warm smiles and a genuine desire to make my experience exceptional. Their professionalism and attention to detail was evident throughout my entire visit. The spa itself exuded tranquility, with soothing music, soft lighting and an enchanting aroma that instantly calmed me down. My masseuse turned out to be a real master of her craft. The pressure was perfectly balanced, providing both deep relaxation and a therapeutic effect. Somewhat frustratingly, she didn’t speak much English, so I couldn’t give her any feedback.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Couples Massage $40 $130 $120
Body Massage $65
Combo (Special) $55
Foot Reflexology $45

Siam Therapeutics Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 4822 Fulton St
Ste B
Houston, TX 77009
Northside Village
Tel: 832-804-9484
Wed: Closed      
Thu: Closed now      

Asian massages are average, there is a promotion, call and ask for offers. I filled out paperwork that provided much more information than other places. Water is available upon request and after massage. This area was recommended to me through our Nextdoor app and they also explained the type of massage. Another advantage I would like to mention is that after the 10th massage, the next one will be free! The only thing was that after the session my wounds hurt a little, but after a day the pain went away and I needed another massage

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)

Zalla Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon: 1:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tue: 12:30 AM – 8:30 PM
Wed : 1:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Fri: 1:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
1411 Haddon St
Houston, TX 77006
Tel: 281-974-2823
Thu: Closed now      

I really liked about this spa salon was that the receptionist’s responses were quick, and I was kept informed at every stage leading up to the massage. Booking a session online was easy. Upon arrival at the salon, I was greeted by a friendly administrator. The massage they provided was done with love and care, and I appreciated every moment of it. They attentively listened to my preferences and ensured that I was comfortable (I was in the 12th month of pregnancy at the time). The masseuse placed several pillows for me to lie on my side, which was very convenient. It was so relaxing that I drifted into a magical space between wakefulness and sleep. However, it’s quite an expensive salon and the parking is a bit tight, making it a bit challenging to navigate.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (30 min) Price (60 min) Price (120 min)
Massage Therapy Rates $120
Couples Massage $250
Deep Tissue Massage $90
Prenatal massage $90
Postpartum Massage $90
Sports Massage $90

We Are Thai Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon-Wed: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 5116 Nett St
Houston, TX 77007
Washington Corridor, The Height
Tel: (858) 428-9465
Wed: Closed      
Fri-Sat: 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM      
Sun:10:00 AM – 8:00 PM      

The staff at this spa truly cares and are highly skilled at what they do. Each massage therapist is unique and brings their own specialization to the table. It is worth buying a package of 6 sessions and trying each massage therapist. All massages with lots of stretching and attention to what I needed. Note to potential clients: This is not a luxury spa, but a serious massage establishment. It is clean and tidy, but at the same time quite modest. Don’t come here for the trappings – come here for a truly great massage with stretching!

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min)
Traditional Thai Massage $90
Thai Combination Massage
Swedish Massage (Relaxation)
Deep tissue Massage
Premental Massage
Couples Massage
Reflexology (Feet Massage)

Triple Tree Center

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon-Wed: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM 10623 Bellaire Blvd
Ste C135
Houston, TX 77072
Chinatown, Alief
Tel: (281) 568-3300
Thu: Closed now      
Fri-Sun: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM      

This was my first experience at a massage spa salon. I really liked the fact that you can fill out a form indicating what you need to work on. I needed to stretch my neck and back. Not only was the service impeccable, but the cleanliness exceeded my expectations. As soon as I entered this space, I felt the stress of the outside world melt away, giving way to a deep sense of relaxation. Of the minuses, I can probably name that the parking is not very convenient, and out of 90 minutes I only got a 35-minute massage. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I paid. I was also somewhat upset that the pain did not go away the next day, but apparently this is normal for the first time.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price
Body to body from $90
Happy ending

Nava De Massage

Work Schedule Address Contact Information Website
Mon – San: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM 504 W Gray St
Ste A
Houston, TX 77019
Fourth Ward, Montrose
Tel: 713-497-5882
Thu: Closed now      

The staff here is quite helpful, from the receptionist at the front desk to the experienced masseuses. I left after the body to body massage feeling rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. I’m not new to massage, but I’m new to erotic massage. The male massage therapist made sure I felt good and comfortable, respecting my boundaries while giving me unearthly bliss. While he was working on my body, I felt like I was in heaven. The place itself is very beautiful, calm and very cozy inside. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the price! Although I found the room a little cold, and the noise in the corridor was also a little distracting.

Services Offered and Prices:

Service Price (60 min)
Deep Tissue from  $90
Traditional Thai
Traditional Thai
Thai Combination
Hot Stone
Sports Massage
CBD Oil Massage 60 min $100/120 min $200

Questions and Answers:

Clients can highlight the best massage parlors by considering factors such as customer reviews, service offerings, therapist expertise, cleanliness, ambiance, and overall satisfaction. Utilizing online platforms like review websites, social media, and forums can provide valuable insights into the experiences of other clients. Additionally, paying attention to awards or recognitions received by massage parlors can indicate their reputation and quality of service.

When selecting a massage parlor, clients should consider factors such as location, specialization (e.g., Thai massage, deep tissue), therapist qualifications, cleanliness, pricing, appointment availability, and the overall ambiance of the establishment. Prioritizing personal preferences and comfort levels can help ensure a satisfying massage experience.

Clients can identify reputable massage parlors by researching their reputation online through customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Additionally, reputable establishments often employ licensed and experienced therapists, maintain a clean and welcoming environment, adhere to industry standards, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Recommendations from friends, family, or healthcare professionals can also be valuable in identifying reputable massage parlors.

Massage parlors typically offer a variety of massage services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients. Common types of massages include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, and reflexology. Some parlors may also offer specialty massages such as couples massage, Shiatsu, or lymphatic drainage massage.

Clients can ensure their safety and comfort during a massage session by communicating openly with their therapist about any medical conditions, allergies, or preferences they may have. It’s essential to provide feedback regarding the pressure, temperature, and areas of focus during the massage to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience. Additionally, clients should feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, and request adjustments as needed to enhance their comfort and satisfaction.


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