What is soapy massage?
What is soapy massage?

What is soapy massage?

Soap massage is considered a special type of massage that combines relaxation and skincare. This unique method attracts the attention of both spa enthusiasts and those looking for a new way to relax and care for themselves.

What is soap massage?

What is soap massage​

Key features include:

  • Use of soap or gel: The masseur applies special soap or gel to the client’s body, making the skin slippery, which promotes smoother and more sensual hand movements.
  • Sensuality: In some cases, relaxation has a sensual component and is perceived as an intimate procedure. This depends on the location and the client’s expectations.

Advantages and features of soap massage:

Advantages and features of soap massage​
  • Skin moisturization: Provides the skin with a younger and healthier appearance.
  • Sensual experience: Makes it attractive to those seeking pleasure and relaxation, creating an atmosphere of intimacy.
  • Special massage technique: The masseur is trained in special techniques that allow for effective and sensual procedures, with attention to areas where the client feels tension.
  • Relaxation: Reduces stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort, contributing to an overall sense of comfort.
  • Variety and product selection: Allows for choosing different types of soap or gel with various scents and properties.

Ingredients and Equipment for Soap Massage:


  • Soap or gel: Using specialized soap products with different aromas and properties.
  • Warm water: To create soapy foam or gel applied to the client’s body.
  • Essential oils: For aromatization and enhancing the massage experience. Essential oils have a relaxing, toning, or sensual effect.


  • Massage table: A standard massage table is typically used, although inflatable mattresses or specialized surfaces are sometimes employed.
  • Towels: Used to cover the table and the client and for cleaning and drying the skin.
  • Waterproof linens: Often used by clients for comfort.
  • Special brushes or sponges: Tools for applying soapy foam to the skin and performing massage movements.
  • Shower room.
  • Candles and music: To create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

How Soap Massage Is Performed:

  • Space preparation: The place where the relaxation takes place should be clean and comfortable. It is usually a dedicated room in a spa center or massage salon, equipped with a massage table, candles, and subdued lighting.
  • Client preparation: Clients are typically asked to undress to their underwear and lie face down on the massage table.
  • Soap and water preparation: The masseur prepares warm water and special soap or gel to be used for creating soapy foam.
  • Application of soapy foam: The masseur begins to apply soapy foam to the client’s body. This is usually done using specialized brushes or sponges. The foam creates a slippery surface that enhances the massage process.
  • Massage: The masseur starts massaging the client using various techniques, including kneading, rubbing, and circular movements. They pay attention to tense areas and work to relax the client’s muscles.
  • Finishing and rinsing: After the massage is complete, the masseur helps the client rinse off the soap, typically using a shower in a dedicated shower room.
  • Relaxation: After the procedure, the client can relax, unwind, and enjoy the sensation of smooth and soft skin.

Tips for Choosing a Soap Massage Therapist:

Choosing a massage therapist is an important step to ensure comfort and safety during the procedure. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Licensing and certification: Ensure that the provider has the necessary licenses and certifications to offer massage services.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness: Visit the massage location to ensure it is clean and hygienic.
  • Professionalism: The masseur should treat you with respect and pay attention to your needs and preferences.

Questions and Answers:

Soap massage often includes techniques like Swedish massage (classic techniques involving kneading, circular movements, light tapping, and effleurage), lymphatic drainage massage (stimulating the lymphatic system and reducing excess fluids), and roller-based massage practices (used to smooth the skin, improve muscle tone, and reduce wrinkles).

The duration of a soap massage session can vary based on the client’s preferences, the purpose of the procedure, and the masseur’s techniques. However, a soap massage session usually lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.

In Thailand, soapy massages are commonly offered in massage parlors and establishments. The city of Bangkok is particularly famous for its numerous soapy massage parlors.

A soapy massage is a unique type of massage that involves body-to-body contact and the use of soapy water. It is more sensual and intimate compared to a regular massage, which focuses primarily on relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

The legality of soapy massages in Thailand can vary. While some establishments operate within the boundaries of the law, others may engage in illegal activities. It’s important to research and choose reputable massage parlors that operate legally.

During a soapy massage, you will typically be guided to a private room with a mattress and a bathtub. The masseuse will apply soapy water to both her body and yours, and then use her body to massage yours. The session may also include additional services upon request.

Before getting a soapy massage in Thailand, it’s important to choose a respected establishment and ensure that it operates legally. It’s also necessary to understand the services offered and the associated costs. Furthermore, communication with the masseuse is crucial to express your preferences and boundaries.

As with any massage, there are risks and precautions to consider. It’s important to communicate any allergies, injuries, or health conditions to the masseuse beforehand. Additionally, practicing safe sex and maintaining personal hygiene are crucial to minimize potential risks.

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