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With great joy and happiness I am doing a season in Cancun with my massages and my Tantra courses.

My name is Joyce Gumiero and I am a sex therapist in Brazil.

I want to invite each one of you to know my Massage that combines Tantra, Sensuality, Pleasure with the wonderful climate of Cancun!

I am in Cancun in the Hotel Zone, at km 8.5 in front of the Hotel Riu Palace Las Américas

My hours are from 9 am to 9 pm I like men, women and couples.

Tantric massage: what it is, what it consists of and main benefits

Tantra is considered one of the deepest knowledge that exists about sexual energy and vital energy. It is the perfect symbiosis so that both planes complement each other and produce different benefits on a sexual, physical and emotional level.

Tantric massage has become in recent years one of the types of massage that has aroused the most interest and curiosity. Its main basis is the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed, whether with your partner, your health will be better. Not surprisingly, Hindus describe tantra as that process whose objective is to achieve personal growth through pleasure.

Tantric massage not only has a sexual component

Tantric massage seeks pleasure and, although it can cause orgasm, it is not really its main purpose. However, it is one of the erotic tantric massages in which the touch of the sexual organs has a place and in which a specific terminology is used for these intimate areas of the human body.

Main benefits of tantric massage

As we are going to see below, the benefits of tantric massage not only serve to stimulate sexual needs, but it also helps to obtain a greater sense of relaxation and to get to know our own body.

A small introduction by way of summary of the benefits of tantric massage could be the following:

Increased awareness and body intimacy of the couple
Helps in curing sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, impotence, low libido, etc.
Significant increase in erection time
Relieves stress and anxiety
Improves physical and emotional well-being
Helps in concentration

One of the main virtues of tantric massage is to maintain the balance between the physical and the emotional . Hence the desire to banish the idea that this type of massage only attends to the erotic and sexual level. The experts bring it even closer to a relaxation technique for those people who suffer frequent episodes of stress and anxiety.

Precisely, the tantric massage has one of its main objectives in the search for a state of calm . There are those who will seek pleasure in this modality and, of course, they are not in conflict with it. However, it is a discipline that goes much further and seeks to delve into the person’s mental plane.

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